Construction, Maintenance & Consulting for Communication Cables.

Submarine cable services have been our core business ever since our establishment.

Construction, Consulting & Marine Surveys other than Submarine Cables

We provide various services for various projects using the experience and technology that we have gained from our long history in submarine communications cable services.

Power Plant & Marine BB Services

The IP & Power Supply Department is engaged in the oceanic broadband business as well as various land-based engineering businesses.


2017.03.31A submarine cable laying ship 'KIZUNA' was launched.
2016.11.16We launched the launch ceremony for the new submarine cable laying ship.That name is 'KIZUNA'.
2016.03.03We decided to build a new submarine cable laying ship.
2013.07.11We began laying construction of the Japan Trench Ocean Bottom Earthquake Tsunami Observation Network
2010.04.13NTT-WEM will attend SubOptic2010
Facilities Owned

Cable-Laying Vessels

Take a tour inside the Cable-Laying Vessels, KIZUNA , SUBARU and VEGA!


KIZUNA is a medium cable-laying vessel,based in Nagasaki. We are widely active in ocean investigation, cable laying construction, repair work, disaster countermeasures and so on.


SUBARU is a large cable-laying vessel. It is widely used in marine surveys, cable-laying operations, cable burying and repair works.


VEGA is a small cable-laying vessel based at the port of Batangas in the Philippines. It is mainly active in the burying of cables after laying and repair works.

History of Submarine Cables

Get to know how submarine cables started, the chronology of submarine cables, and the history of cable-laying vessels!
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