Cable-Laying Vessel KIZUNA

Cable-Laying Vessel KIZUNA

Cable-Laying Vessel KIZUNA

Cable-Laying Vessel KIZUNA

Equipped with an ROV, the vessel can handle emergency maintenance of submarine communication cables which require quick restoration work. The vessel also carries two deck cranes (5 tons and 10 tons). Combined with the stern working deck, the upper open-hatch type working deck provides a spacious working space. So, the vessel can be used not only as a cable laying vessel but also as a multipurpose vessel for support services in time of disaster restoration.

Port of registration

Tokyo Japan

Overall length

109 m


20 m

Maximum deadweight draft

6 m

Gross tonnage

8,598 tons

Cruising speed

13.2 knot

Towing power

80 tons

Maximum range

approx. 9,500 nautical miles.


Main propellers (azimuth)

2,300 kw × 2

Bow Thrusters

1,500 kw × 2

Main Generators

2,500 kw × 4

Cable handling equipment

Drum-type cable engine (diameter: 3.6m) ×2
Stern Sheaves (Diameter: 3.2m) ×2
Stern Sheaves (Diameter: 2.5m) ×1

Cable tank capacity

No.1 Cable Tank

750 m3

No.2 Cable Tank

750 m3

Auxiliary Tank

152 m3


1,652 m3

Maximum deadweight tonnage

approx. 4,360 tons

Dynamic positioning system

Kongsberg K-POS DP21 System
(Electronically controlled navigation system,Set Point Fixation etc.)

Communication equipment

VSAT,Inmarsat,Ship telephone


For 60 people
(crew and client representatives)


PGU (Ground protection unit)
PFE (Power supply unit for relay submarine cable system)
UJ Technology (Submarine cable connecting device). etc.

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