Message from our CEO & President

Message from our CEO & President

Full Ahead!
Our thoughts toward this business are all contained in this phrase.

In 1998, our company was spun off from Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation as a marine engineering company to lay and maintain submarine cables. For twenty years since then, we have been engaging in business activities as a member of the NTT Group that underpins communications infrastructures in Japan.
Since the company foundation, we have laid submarine cables of 9,000km at home and those of almost 30,000km abroad, amounting to a total distance nearly equal to a circle around the earth.
Besides, we have been expanding the range of our activities as a risk countermeasure for communication disruption caused by increasing natural disasters in recent years by, for example, loading portable base stations on “KIZUNA,” a cable-laying vessel owned by our company, and rushing to waters near the scene of a disaster.

Our company’s routes date back to the early Meiji era when the government laid international submarine cables between Nagasaki and Shanghai and between Nagasaki and Vladivostok as well as domestic submarine cables crossing the Kanmon Straits.
Japan is an island country. Therefore, its communication network that props up the growth of the industry can be completed by laying domestic submarine cables connecting not only Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu but also many islands, including Okinawa, and international submarine cables connecting Japan to the world.
This mission and pride have been seamlessly passed down to the present day from Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation to Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation and to NTT World Engineering Marine Corporation.

Both in the past and at present, and also into the future, we continue to connect Japan as well as the world and move forward at full throttle as a member of the NTT Group under the banner of “Full Ahead!” so that we can contribute to the creation of a prosperous future. We will do our best to meet your expectations.

CEO & President Mamoru Watanabe

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