Consulting & Design

Consulting & Design

Our Design Expertise for Your Business
- Consulting Service for NTT-WE Marine -

We provide consultancy services for a wide variety of customers for their submarine cables such as, cable route design, route engineering, permitting advice and application and negotiation with relevant bodes such as fishermen unions.
It is very important to have a precise design in order to proceed with the smooth laying of the cable. We will provide you some tips based on the company's expertise as we have been involved in submarine cable service for a considerable period.

Important Points in Design.

icon-arrow-blue Where to land the cable.

The most economical and stable location in relation to the terrestrial communication facility should be chosen as the landing location of the cable. Naturally, it must be a location where the work involved in landing is easy.

icon-arrow-blue Selecting the route of the cable

An outline route is initially studied and the final route is decided.
The study of the outline route normally starts from considering the shortest route (Straight line between the two landing points) and is usually selected based on the contours of the seabed and the avoidance of other existing cables/pipelines.
The decision surrounding the final route selection should be made based on the outline route, with further considerations regarding avoiding seabed conditions such as rugged contours, sea currents, fishery factors, environmental aspects and other considerations.

Consulting & Design

Consulting Service for Submarine Cables

We provide consultancy on a bespoke case by case basis, using our extensive experience and information databases.

Design of the Submarine Cable-Laying Route

We design the appropriate route for the cable installation based on desk analysis and actual marine surveys.

Obtaining Various Permits Related to Marine Construction Work.

We submit various applications to obtain permits related to the marine construction work on behalf of our clients.

Negotiations with Fishing Cooperatives

We negotiate with fishing cooperatives on fishing rights etc. when vessels or cables cross the fishing grounds either for the laying or for the maintenance of submarine cables.

Negotiation with companies of existing submarine cables.

We assist in concluding agreements with owners of existing submarine cables when the proposed route intersects or is laid very close to the existing cables.

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