Submarine Cable Museum

Submarine Cable Museum

Submarine Cable Museum

In this page, we introduce to you the “Submarine Cable Museum” located in the premise of Nagasaki office of our company.

The exterior of the museum

The exterior of the museum01
The exterior of the museum02
The exterior of the museum03
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This building was built in 1896 as a powerhouse in this place (Nishidomari-machi, Nagasaki City), concurrently with the formation of the Temporary Taiwan Telegram Construction Department of the Army Ministry of Japan.

The powerhouse (engine room) was equipped with a steam boiler, a pump for filling or discharging water, equipment to move cables, and it had played an active role until 1968 as a power source to move cables between cable laying vessels and four cable storage reservoirs (, which were called “submarine cable storage reservoirs” at that time,) built at the same time.

This building built in the Meiji period was also extremely deteriorating, and it was supposed to be demolished in 1968. However, the year 1968 happened to be the 100th anniversary year of the Meiji period, and the Nagasaki Prefectural Board of Education requested us to preserve the building, saying, “We would like to ask the building to be preserved because the red brick building was one of a few remaining buildings built by means of the Western-style building techniques introduced into Japan in the early Meiji period.” As a result, it was determined to preserve the exterior of the building as it was.

After that, the building was left as it was for eight years until 1975. Then, it was decided to exhibit various materials as the “Submarine Cable Museum” by using this valuable building to pass on the historical records of the submarine cable business to the next generation. Finally, the museum opened in May 1977.

Main exhibits

*Ship crew uniforms, models of cable laying vessels, samples of submarine cables, and a part of the equipment to move submarine cables, etc.



NTT World Engineering Marine Corporation Nagasaki Office:22-1 Nishidomari-cho, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki-ken, Japan

Opening Hours

Weekday: 9:00-15:00(*Reservation is required.) / Closed days Saturday,Sunday,National holiday


From JR Nagasaki Station, get on the bus for “Kaminoshima”, about 20 minutes, get off at “Nishidomari” bus stop, 3 minutes on foot.


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