What is ROVSTAR?

ROVSTAR is a transportable ROV equipped with a magnetic sensor. It can detect metal objects that are buried two meters below the surface. It is also equipped with an AC sensor and fore-monitoring sonar. It is a unique device that is owned only by the company.

icon-arrow-blue Can provide color video for the inspection of underwater structures and facilities
icon-arrow-blue Possible to search for buried magnetic objects
icon-arrow-blue Compact, lightweight and inexpensive
icon-arrow-blue Can operate to depth of 500 meters! Also good in shallow waters as well
icon-arrow-blue Equipped with a fore monitoring sonar! Able to conduct surveys in water where there is low visibility


Dedicated Expert Operators

Expert operators employed by the company conduct all surveys using the ROVSTAR. The benefits are:

icon-arrow-blue Expert operators with extensive experience
icon-arrow-blue Underwater video recording
icon-arrow-blue Various data gathering (for example, location in water, depth, orientation, etc)

Compact, lightweight, inexpensive

No mother ship required, can be transported anywhere in Japan on a four-ton truck

icon-arrow-blue No mother ship required, can be loaded onto a small vessel
icon-arrow-blue Only requires a four-ton truck for transportation
(Can be packed inside a container and transported to the Okinawa region and other island locations)

icon-arrow-blue Can be used in both salt and fresh water
icon-arrow-blue Can also perform surveys in shallow water.

Small vessels

Can be easily mobilised

Will travel anywhere in Japan and Overseas

icon-arrow-blue From shallow water to a depth of 500 meters.
icon-arrow-blue Can also be used in lakes and dams
icon-arrow-blue Can be used only for underwater photography
icon-arrow-blue OK for islands as well

Will travel anywhere in Japan and Overseas

What is ROVSTAR?

ROVSTAR is the nickname for our transportable ROV equipped with magnetic sensor.
ROV is short for Remotely Operated Vehicle. It is a robot that is capable of moving underwater by remote control.
Unlike larger ROVs, it does not require a dedicated mother ship, and all its component parts can be loaded onto a four-ton truck for transportation to any area that is accessed by road.
It also features an agility not seen in large ROVs, and is best suited for marine surveys in coastal areas. ROVSTAR is the only transportable ROV equipped with magnetic sensors.

The naming of ROVSTAR

ROVSTAR is also is a pun on Lobster.
Lobsters move in single file when they walk underwater.
And this ROV directly follows the buried objects, in a single line.

Figures in parentheses refer to when the magnetic sensor is provided.

Overall Length

1350 mm (2534 mm)


810 mm (1650 mm)


699 mm (1015 mm)

Weight in Air

Approx. 97 kg (approx. 232 kg withTSS fitted)

Weight in Water

0kg (due to neutral buoyancy)

Maximum Operating Depth


Propulsion Speed (Fore & Aft)


Onboard equipment

Fore monitoring sonar

Color camera (Variable, Fore x 1, Aft x 1)
B/W camera (Fixed, Fore x 1)
Lights (Fore x 3, Aft x 2)
TSS340 (Magnetic sensor)
AC Sensor


ROVSTAR main body

Underwater acoustic positioning systemTSS340 (Magnetic sensor)
NAVLOG (Data acquisition system)

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