Our Mission

Our Mission

Go beyond the world we connect and into a prosperous future ~ Full Ahead! ~

About our mission

icon-arrow-blue Corporate Philosophy
By connecting and maintaining submarine cables, we have always been and will still continue supporting global telecommunications, and all our employees will provide optimal services with high aspirations and through skill enhancement.
Beyond that horizon, we will head for the future to live more safely and conveniently and continue to tackle social issues.

icon-arrow-blue Values
- Customer First: We always put ourselves in customers’ shoes and provide optimal services while we are there for them.
- Challenge: Through ceaseless efforts, we mutually respect, cooperate, enhance each other, and take on challenges as a team.
- Social Issues: Together with customers, we aim for a safe and convenient society and solve social issues.

icon-arrow-blue Code of Conduct
- We solve social issues as a member of the NTT Group.
- We expand our business fields worldwide.
- We challenge ourselves to new engineering services.
- We support our customers’ businesses through technologies, viewpoints, and horizons, which have been enhanced in ‘Marine’(ocean).

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